GES 2019 will be a truly global summit. Over 5,000 applications have been received from entrepreneurs based in more than 170 countries. How do we select the 1,200 applicants that will land a coveted invitation to attend this unique event?

What does the selection process look like?

First, we distinguish applications by sector: Agri/Food, Connectivity, Energy, Health, Water, and Other Enabling Technologies.

To each group we assign a diverse set of independent judges. These:

  • have not previously been involved in any aspects of developing GES 2019;
  • have been especially selected for their technical and executive expertise within their assigned sector group;
  • include investors, industry experts, entrepreneurs, knowledge experts, and executive leaders from the corporate world.

These jury members screen and select all entrepreneurs within each specific focus area that have applied online. They assign scores in accordance to each of the following criteria:

  • The extent to which applicants present new, transformative or innovative solutions that provide a suitable response to a problem in the market.
  • The extent to which applicants have demonstrated their capability to scale internationally.
  • The applicants’ capability to fully participate at GES 2019 in English.
  • The extent to which applicants represent underrepresented groups, regions, industries, or sectors or provide a different perspective that could add to the diversity of GES 2019.
  • The extent to which the entrepreneurs’ applications demonstrate that they would be able to present an attractive pitch to potential investors, sponsors or funders.
  • The extent to which applicants have successfully communicated the impact and potential of their solutions in a way that would be inspiring and understandable to a broader public.
  • The quality of the application, expressed in an overall score.

Following the completion of the initial rating process, the last stage will see all jury members come together to collaboratively assess the applications and make a final selection. This will take place after March 22, as until that date limited spots are held open through GES 2019 Business Challenges, Road to GES events, US and Dutch Embassies worldwide, and participating investors and partners.

What’s going to happen after the selection process?

We’ll let you know at the beginning of April, 2019, if we think you are the right fit for this year’s GES focus.

If selected, you must register in order to attend. We will inform you personally how to do this in due time.

Remember, you don’t need to pay a registration or conference fee.