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About The Hague
The Hague is the city for entrepreneurs who want to build a better world. As the international city of peace and justice, The Hague offers a wide range of possibilities to startups and scale-ups with impact.

The Hague continues to develop its focus areas and is also a renowned knowledge hub for business sectors Cyber security , Oil & Gas, IT & Telecommunication, Energy & Renewables and Legal & Finance.

Besides that, it is the city of the cosmopolitan and the beach, of new styles and old Dutch masters. Shops and royal palaces. Exotic cuisines and Dutch fishing harbors. International jurisdiction and street savvy. The Hague will captivate you with its modern skyline combined with beautiful historical and royal buildings in the city center. For more information about what the city has to offer, please check

During the Summit, the average temperature in The Hague, the Netherlands is around 17 degrees Celsius/63 degrees Fahrenheit. However, weather varies, it may be hotter or it may rain. The Hague has a mild sea climate with mild evening temperatures.

Local Time
The time zone for The Hague, the Netherlands is Central European Time and is one hour later than Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +1:00).

The currency is the Euro (EUR), and most local establishments accept a variety of electronic credit/debit cards. An ATM is not located within the GES area at World Forum, however, is available in close proximity.

Roaming and mobile telephone costs
Any mobile phone from an EU country does not pay any additional roaming charges when in any other EU country. You pay exactly the same prices. This applies to calling, sending texts and any data service. These rules apply when receiving calls or texts whilst roaming even if the person you are calling is using a different service provider.

The cost of roaming (particularly data roaming) from mobile phones outside the EU can be very expensive, so to avoid running up steep roaming bills check the cost for roaming outside the EU with your provider before travelling.

It is relatively cheap and easy to purchase a top-up sim card from any supermarket or at the airport. However, your phone must be able to accept other sim cards than from your own provider.

Standard electricity service in the Netherlands is 220 volts. Power sockets are Type C, for plugs with two round plungs. Electrical converters are not provided, so please bring any items accordingly.

Area Code
The country code for the Netherlands is +31, and the local area code in The Hague is 070. The Hague has strong cellular service as it is a densely populated area.

Smoking Restrictions
European and Dutch law prohibits smoking in all indoor public places including restaurants, bars, theaters, concert halls, educational facilities, hotels and airports. Also the Summit venue is completely smoke-free with the exception of explicitly designated smoking areas.

Emergencies & Medical Care
During your stay at your accommodations, in the event of a medical emergency, it is recommended that you engage the front desk of your hotel for assistance. Your hotel will provide a contact for medical care and, if necessary, an ambulance.

In the event of an emergency during the Summit please follow instructions provided by GES staff. Limited medical assistance is available in the Summit venue.

If you require immediate emergency assistance and cannot reach a member of the GES staff or law enforcement please dial 112 from your mobile phone or the nearest telephone.

We advise all participants of GES 2019 to obtain health insurance to cover medical expenses in the Netherlands prior to travelling.

Contact information
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