GES 2019 Challenges Innovative Companies

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) will present its Business Challenge during GES 2019 to encourage innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises to think of ideas that improve business and provide solutions to the world’s problems.

KvK Business Challgenge

The Business Challenge stimulates innovation by connecting larger companies with small- and medium-sized enterprises and has a proven track record. The challenge starts online today with a webinar that links companies to common goals. The next phase will align interests among companies. The enterprises with the most promising business challenge proposals will be selected for a meeting on June 5 during the GES 2019.

Thirteen companies, including Philips and UPS, have created fifteen challenges that cover a wide range of topics, such as improving patient monitoring in hospitals and optimizing recycling processes in the healthcare sector. Three thousand international small- and medium-sized enterprises have been approached to brainstorm innovative solutions that will lead to business opportunities.

This will be the sixth time that the Dutch Chamber of Commerce has organized the Business Challenge, which has always led to concrete results. For example, an insurance company developed, in cooperation with several small businesses, a method to prevent chimney fires. In another example, a large shipping company started a pilot to follow containers inland without GPS tracking. These examples show that small- and medium-sized enterprises can play a crucial role in helping larger companies innovate.

GES 2019 will take place June 4 and 5 at the World Forum in The Hague, the Netherlands. The summit will bring together 2,000 world leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, investment, and science.

They will be joined by 1,200 selected 'next generation entrepreneurs,' 400 from the U.S., 200 from the Netherlands, 200 from the EU, and 400 from other nations. Their projects, ideas, and enterprises will provide solutions for global challenges in agri/food, connectivity, energy, healthcare, and water.

The U.S. State Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are organizing and co-chairing GES 2019.

Participating companies in GES: 2019 Shell, Philips, UPS, EY, KPN, ProRail, Avantium, SAS-D[N]A Lab, Dutch National Police, Gaston Schul, Amsterdam Skills Centre, Unilever, De Goudse Verzekeringen.

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