2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit Comes to the Netherlands

In the first week of June 2019 the Netherlands will be buzzing with excitement as it is transformed into a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Together with the United States of America, our country will be organising the ninth edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) on June 4 and 5. At the GES, around 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors and other participants from all over the world will come together at the World Forum in the Hague. The summit aims to promote international entrepreneurship and recognise entrepreneurship’s influence in the development of concrete solutions to global challenges.

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GES will be a one-of-a-kind experience, energised by a festive atmosphere, with a high-level conference and market place where ideas are transformed into actions. Over the course of two days, participants will follow a unique programme consisting of top keynote speakers, expert panels and matchmaking activities. Investors and innovators will be brought together through different creative environments, spaces and events. They will go beyond just productive discussions and take concrete action towards tackling challenges within five main sectors: Agri/Food, Connectivity, Energy, Health, and Water. The future of work and access to finance will serve as the two main overarching themes of the summit.

More than an event

GES is more than an event. It is an annual gathering where solutions are discussed, connections are made, and outcomes are achieved. This year GES will develop a creative approach to discussing challenges faced in each of the industry sectors and then showcase solutions.

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Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation

The United States and the Netherlands are both recognised globally for their culture of entrepreneurship. GES is one example of the commitment to work with other countries to foster entrepreneurship and innovation while developing concrete solutions to global challenges at the same time. US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will lead the US delegation to the Netherlands for GES. The Netherlands will co-host the conference, with Minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) having been appointed as the acting chairman for GES 2019.

Activities throughout the Netherlands

Up to 200 Dutch entrepreneurs and investors will participate in GES 2019. To enable wider participation, events will be organised across the Netherlands before, during and after the summit. In an effort to make GES 2019 a truly inclusive event, those who take part will not be required to pay an attendance fee. € 15 million has been put forward by the Dutch government to cover the costs of organising the summit.

Sign Up

From December 17, 2018 interested entrepreneurs can register online to participate in GES. Additional criteria for participation, and further details on the selection process, will be updated on the website within the coming month.