23 May Road to GES Warsaw

Attention: the activity has already taken place

Activities data
Warsaw, Poland

An official Road to GES event in Warsaw, Poland.

Preliminary pogram

16:30-17:00 - Registration

17:05 - Opening event (at Dutch Embassy) with screening of short GES 2019 promotional video / video with testimonials of participants in the previous GES

17:10 - Welcoming words by Dutch and U.S. Ambassadors

17:20 - Keynote speech by Minister or (Under)Secretary of State of Ministry Entrepreneurship and Technology

17:30 - Presentation by start-up/scale-up organization e.g. The Heart or Wolves Summit on importance of and experience with international scale-up cooperation. A presentation to introduce the GES: background to GES, reasons for organizing, short overview of programme, latest news on number of participants

17:50 - Q&A and closing remarks by moderator, invitation to cocktail reception at Residence

18:00 - Start cocktail reception (Residence)

  • Brief informal pitch (max. 3 minutes) by two Polish participants

19:30 - End of the event