16 May Road to GES Khartoum – Driving Innovation in Sudan

Attention: the activity has already taken place

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Khartoum, Sudan

249 Startups Space, Khartoum, Sudan

The Sudanese business community, young entrepreneurs and interested youth are invited to provide support in forging new collaborations and opportunities for investments, developing business ideas and accelerating solutions to global challenges.

Road to GES Khartoum

To support the wider community and “drive innovation,” there will be capacity building workshops for a selected number of entrepreneurs before the event, thematic talks, and discussions to stimulate conversation and ambition around entrepreneurship.

Interactive sites around the space will enable participants to learn about new technologies and post their experience at the event on social media.

Key leaders in the business community will support the event, lend their expertise and provide guidance and support for participants.

Furthermore, there will be a heads-up for GES 2019, 4 and 5 June in The Hague.

Registration for Road to GES Khartoum will open soon; check back at the event website and the 249 Startup Facebook page.