Takeaways from previous GES Summits

What can participating in GES do for your growth as an entrepreneur and a scale-up company? Read and watch testimonials to find out.

A few quotes from GES alumni

Yvette Mazariegos (Belize)

All of us have a dream to grow a business and help develop our communities. For me, it all started with a MOOC course I took with Professor Michael Goldberg; after this, the USA Embassy Belize discovered me and sent me to GES 2015. GES opened my eyes and my mind to more possibilities than I could ever have imagined. I met many entrepreneurs who had similar challenges and solutions as those that I faced when starting my business. This inspired me to expand my business – by providing ideas and creating the energy to look beyond her existing network and participate in global trade shows.

Yvette Mazariegos, a small business starter in 1996, is now a leading female entrepreneur in Belize; she attended GES 2015, Nairobi, Kenya

Desmond Choi (Canada)

Through the speaker series and workshops hosted by top Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, I was inspired to think beyond the Canadian border, to rethink how we can use machine learning to improve our day to day work, and to extend the efforts of GES in uniting young entrepreneurs and finding innovative solutions to market or government obstacles.

Desmond Choi is founding president of Kairos Society (Canada) and founding member of US-Canada Toronto Alumni Advisory Council; he attended GES 2016, Silicon Valley

Surath Giri (Nepal)

A life-changing, eye-opening experience. I was a member of a think-tank that promoted entrepreneurship and free-enterprise policies, but now I decided to found my own company, dedicated to creating and sharing meaningful stories.

Surath Giri is the founder of Onion Films; he attended GES 2014, Marrakech, Morocco

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