GES 2019 program

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, June 4-5, in The Hague, the Netherlands will be buzzing with business potential powered by policy and informed by international thought leaders.

What happens at GES 2019?

Take a look at the variety of activities designed to match innovation and investment that will make up GES 2019.

GES 2019 Program: The Future Now

Monday, June 3

Opening reception

  • Speeches by US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo and NL Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Tuesday, June 4

Opening ceremony


  • Opening remarks

Breakout sessions

  • Finance Forum: Funding the Future, the Changing Role of Finance
  • Future Now Connectivity: Resilient. Cities. Connected
  • Future Now Energy: Future of Energy Sources, Storage and Services
  • Future Now Water: Utopia: Safe Water for Everyone, Everywhere
  • Future Now Health: Virtuality: The Future Home of Health
  • Future Now Agri/Food: Gateway to Food

Lunch & Investor lunch

Breakout sessions

  • Industries of the Future: 5G What Is All the Hype? Benefits & Costs
  • Future Now Connectivity: Next Generation of Logistic, Moving Beyond Imagination
  • Industries of the Future: AI Future Now, the AI Landscape through the Eyes of Investors & Policymakers
  • Industries of the Future: Preparing the Industries of the Future
  • Future Now Energy Solutions Stage
  • Women, Worlds Apart, Yet Connected: A Conversation on Opportunities & Challenges Across Continents
  • What’s Your Champagne Moment?
  • Business Challenge meetups
  • GIST pitch pre-rounds

Breakout sessions

  • Future Now Energy: From Energy Access to Distribution
  • Future Now Agri/Food: What Is the “Farmer” of the Future? (It’s Not What You Think...)
  • Blended Finance: Catalyzing Sustainable Commercial Investment
  • Industries of the Future: Advance Manufacturing & Robotics
  • Future Now Water: Solution Stage
  • Speed dating
  • The Start-Up Diagnostic
  • GIST pitch pre-rounds


  • Future Now Moonshot Show & closing remarks

Informal drinks at venue

Wednesday, June 5

Breakout sessions

  • Mind the Gap: Unlock the Full Potential, Including the Next Powerhouse Entrepreneurs
  • Future Now Energy: Energy-Enabling Technology
  • Future Now Water: H2O Adhesion and Cohesion to All Sectors
  • Access to Capital: Exit Stories You Did Not Read About
  • Food/Agri Solutions Stage
  • Health Policy Pub: Matching the Speed of Viruses with the Speed Policy
  • Perfect Your Pitch
  • Business Challenge meetups


  • Inspirational Panel & Keynote


Breakout sessions

  • How Technologies Will Escape the Valley of Death
  • Future Now Agri/Food: Agriculture: Quality and Quantity-Enabling Technology to Feed the World
  • Future Now Health: How Can Small and Medium-Scale Ventures Break into the Big Global Health Market?
  • Future Now Water: Opportunities for Financing Water Businesses & City Water Infrastructure
  • Future Now Connectivity: Solution Stage
  • Speed dating
  • GDPR Compliance workshop

Breakout sessions

  • Fifty Shades of Green: Access to Finance
  • The Future Now Agri/Food: Quality and Quantity-Enabling Technology to Feed the World
  • GIST finals
  • How Blockchain Enables Data Privacy & Security in the Future Now Sectors
  • Future Now Health: Solution Stage
  • Protect Your Assets & Legal Due Diligence on Investors
  • Speaking Digital workshop


  • Inspirational speaker & closing remarks

Closing reception for all participants