How does the Dutch business community benefit from GES 2019?

GES 2019 will bring around 2.000 international entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, scientists, thought leaders, government officials and journalists to the Netherlands. This will provide Dutch entrepreneurs with the unique opportunity to interact and build relationships with potential partners and investors from leading industries across the globe.

  • GES itself is a link¬†between governments and the private sector. At GES 2016 in Silicon Valley, investors, foundations, and venture capital firms announced millions of dollars in commitments to support entrepreneurs throughout the world. These groups also committed to training and new research initiatives.
  • The international recruitment campaign will draw attention to Dutch enterprise and innovation.
  • 200 Dutch entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to participate in GES 2019.
  • In order to increase the impact of GES 2019, both during and after the summit GES will be affiliated to a number of events organised across the Netherlands.