Co-hosted by U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo and Netherlands Prime Minister Rutte, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 convenes entrepreneurs, leading investors, policy makers and thought leaders from across the globe.

GES 2019 offers investors a rare opportunity to share perspectives with peers from across the capital continuum – from early-stage VCs to private equity firms, family offices, and pension funds.

How to get the most out of GES 2019

As an invited investor, you are most welcome to experience GES 2019 along any of the pathways below:

  1. The Finance Forum – an investor, invitation-only part of GES 2019 on June 4, shaped by APG Asset Management NV and designed to prompt new insights about the changing role of finance.
  2. The GES 2019 main program – workshops, talks, and other content sessions on June 3, 4, and 5, that are open to all participants but intended primarily for investors.
  3. Curated investor-centered side events, such as closed-door policy sessions with government leaders, conversations, and invitation-only dinners.

1. The GES 2019 Finance Forum, June 4, 11.00am - 3.00pm

Funding the Future – The Changing Role of Finance

At the investors-only Finance Forum at GES 2019, investors will have the opportunity to engage and connect with peers and other financiers from the capital continuum.

11.00am - 11.05am Finance Forum Opening (main stage)

Welcome and introduction

  • Corien Wortmann-Kool, Chair of Management Board, ABP

11.05am - 11.15am Opening Keynote (main stage)

  • Robert Gay, Co-Founder, HGGC

11.15am - 11.40am Keynotes Fireside Chat (main stage)

‘Funding the future – the changing role of finance’
Profound changes are taking place in finance. Entrepreneurs and investors are recognizing – and embracing – the pivotal role they can play in addressing social challenges and shaping global economic opportunities.

  • Anne Finucane, Vice Chair Bank of America
  • Volkert Doeksen, Vice Chair Carlyle Solutions, Founder AlpInvest Partners
  • David Bohigian, Acting President and CEO of Overseas Private Investment Corporation

11.40am - 12.15pm Debate (main stage)

Purpose & Profit: ‘Is society your next big client?’
Can profit and returns on the highest investment levels be considered more than just financial gains? What are hurdles in the current system? Investors from the whole capital continuum will be challenged to find the right balance between purpose and profit.

  • Philipp Hildebrand, Former Head of Swiss Bank, Vice Chair BlackRock
  • Ronald Wuijster, CEO APG Asset Management
  • Elizabeth Seeger, Director Sustainable Investing KKR
  • Lionel Johnson, President of Pacific Pension & Investment Institute

12.15pm - 12.30pm Musical Intermezzo (main stage)

  • Daria van den Bercken, Piano

12.30pm - 1.00pm Debate (main stage)

Return on Diversity: ‘Zooming in on the diversity dividend’
How do we best understand diversity and its part in investment performance and, more broadly, in roles, gender, qualifications, geography, personality? Should investors make diversity in a management team a pre-requisite for investing?

  • HRH Prince Constantijn of Orange-Nassau, Special Envoy StartupDelta
  • Eileen Burbridge, Investor (in various diversity networks)
  • Lillian Li, Co-Founder of non-profit Diversity VC

1.15pm - 3.00pm Lunch with ‘Table Topics’ Discussions (main stage and Onyx)

After a short presentation by a speaker, small groups of participants will have discussions over lunch.

  • FinTech and InvestTech: ‘Can you have a new kind of cake and eat it?’
    Venture capital and other financiers are fond of investing in companies that use scalable technologies. Up until now, big disruptions in finance have been slow to transpire and be widely adopted. What are the latest developments and what does this mean for many of the various types of actors within finance?
    • Marleen Evertsz, Founder NxChange (the next generation stock exchange as a service)
    • Thomas Thurston, Venture Capitalist (using data science to fund high growth companies)
    • Manisha Singh, Acting Under Secretary and Assistant Secretary
  • Investing with impact: ‘How are investors balancing returns with impact strategies?’
    Embracing companies’ relationship with society and the environment creates a new strategic lens through which investors can evaluate the prospects – and ultimately the success – of investments. Is impact investing creating its own market? When is impact investing successful, and what KPIs are valid?
    • Erel Margalit, Jerusalem Venture Partners
    • Ami Dalal, Vice President and Managing Director of FINCA Ventures
    • Lauren Cochran, Managing Director Blue Haven Initiative
    • Marcello Palazzi, Co-Founder B Lab Europe

Finance Forum day host: Rachel Pether, Senior Advisor & Co-Host, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

2. Investor-aimed sessions in the main GES 2019 program, June 3-5

These include:

  • Pre-reception, June 3, 4.30pm
  • GES 2019 grand opening, June 4, 9.30am
  • Main event sessions, June 4 and 5 during the day
    Topics: AI, 5G, Healthcare to the home, IoT and supply chains, The farmer of the future, Financing public infrastructure, and others
  • Regional Networking Financials Event & Euronext bell ceremony, June 4, 16.30-18.00pm. Location/room: Europe
    Discover the opportunities in Dutch regional hotspots. Speaker prof E. Vermeulen will kick off on the importance and strength of international cooperation in the financing chain. Followed by networking and concluded by the official closing bell ceremony of Euronext Amsterdam.
  • Inspirational panel, June 4, 5.00pm
    Future Now Moonshot & Closing Remarks
  • Day 1 closing reception, June 4, 5.30pm
  • Day 2 closing reception on the beach, June 5, 7.00pm

Take a preview of the GES 2019 program.

3. Investor-centered side-events, June 4-5

These include:

  • Closed-door policy sessions with government leaders
  • Investor-initiated matchmaking with entrepreneurs
  • Curated small-group conversations with investment-ready entrepreneurs
  • Invitation-only dinners for investors on June 4
  • Sector-specific discussions with fellow investors aligned around the five GES 2019 Future Now sectors

See the overview of side events around GES 2019, which is updated continually.

Investor participation in GES 2019

Investment firms interested in participating in GES 2019 can contact
Please note that investors are selected and invited personally.